About this site

If you are reading this you will probably have realised that I have started a blog called “Leasehold Reform News.”

The title should really say enough about what you are likely to find here – this is a technical blog devoted to current developments in ‘leasehold enfranchisement’ – the rather cumbersome title given to the legal rights enabling long leasehold flat owners to buy their freehold or extend their leases. For that reason alone, I prefer the phrase ‘Leasehold Reform.’

As it is a technical blog you, if you will not find any narcissitic ‘bleats’ or ‘tweets,’ but rather postings of case summaries comment and articles relevant to those working in or interested in this sector.

If you are a valuer, solicitor or other interested party by all means feel free to add to the debate by posting a comment.

Welcome to leaseholdreformnews.com

Mark Chick


Mark Chick is a partner at Bishop & Sewell LLP, a committee member of ALEP and is a solicitor specialising in leasehold reform and landlord and tenant matters: www.bishopandsewell.co.uk.