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Further Leasehold Reform – Radical thinking?

That is the title of Philip Rainey QC’s paper – Further Leasehold Reform – Radical Thinking?

This will be will be debated by a panel at the ALEP Conference today. A link to the full text of Philip’s paper can be found at:

Further Leasehold Reform – Radical thinking?

It will be interesting to see how delegates respond to the debate, which will be chaired by Joshua Rozenberg. If there were to be some alternatives to leasehold for the residential sector, what could these be? and, if we were to introduce some radical changes, such as perhaps a ‘sunset’ clause on ground rents, or lease extensions of say less than 999 years, how would the market respond?

One of the most interesting questions I think would be to consider what would happen to the remaining housing stock subject to leasehold if such a change were introduced, but I am sure that there will be lots of others. I look forward to the debate and to lots of interesting commentary in this debate which will be a blue-sky academic discussion of the possibilities, (and which will be free of any political considerations) which may look at some very viable alternatives.

Mark Chick 

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Leasehold Forum 1st October 2015

I was delighted to speak at the Leasehold Forum meeting on 1st October 2015. We had an interesting discussion including an update on the position on tribunal fees and the recent government consultation on this. Some delegates have asked for a copy of the slides. If you would like to obtain a copy, please email