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Missing landlords


Missing freeholders webinar and podcast 

This week I recorded a webinar for News on the Block on the subject of missing freeholders and what do to if you want to extend your lease or buy your freehold in the situation where your landlord is missing.
A link to this appears below:
This webinar is aimed at flat owners and managing agents / estate agents and looks at some of the practical issues involved. It also explores the available options under the 1993 Act and the 1987 Act.
A little while ago (nearly a year now), I also recorded a podcast for LEASE (the Leasehold
Advisory Service) on the subject of missing freeholders and a link to this appears here:

Missing freeholders continue to present a range of problems In practice and one of the most interesting things is that the exact solution depends on the nature of the problem. For this reason not all cases are exactly the same and it is important to consider whether the 1993 Act or the 1987 Act may be the best route to go down.

The 1987 Act does have the attraction that if successful you could be looking at a compensation calculation that does not involve marriage value, which may amount to a cost saving. However, if you are a leaseholder and need to (or can only) take unilateral action to extend your lease perhaps because of the apathy or lack of commitment (financial or otherwise) from your neighbours, then the 1993 Act will probably be the best option.

If you would like to discuss buying the freehold or any related issues concerning missing landlords, you can get in contact by emailing me at:

Mark Chick is a solicitor dealing with leasehold issues. This note (being very general in its nature) is not a complete statement of the law in this area.  It is therefore not a substitute for legal advice from a suitably qualified professional and should not be relied upon as such. No liability can therefore be accepted for any actions based on reliance upon it.

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