Monthly Archives: July 2012

Consultation on new procedural rules…

There is likely to be some interest in the consultation document mentioned above about the proposed changes to the procedural rules that will affect the LVT and the UT as part of the harmonisation of tribunals under the TCEA 2007. ALEP will be co-ordinating a response on behalf of its members and the consultation closes on 6th September 2012.

There is significant regional variation in relation to tribunal practices and practitioners may welcome some harmonisation – although it will be interesting to see what people’s views are. In terms of current practice the London LVT procedure is in general ‘user friendly’ and efficient, in my view. Whilst there are rumblings about strike out and costs / wasted costs orders from time to time from members of the LVT user group, the current service is efficient and has good dialogue with its users. It would be a shame if some of this is lost as part of a desire to standardise across the board. I look forward to hearing people’s views on these proposed changes.

Mark Chick